SHS9500U is an iron based steel alloy featuring medium hardness, high toughness and high wear resistance.

Key Performance Characteristics

  •  58 – 62 HRc in a single weld deposit
  • ASTM G65-04 Procedure A typical mass loss 0.22g
  • Minimal cracking when applied to plain carbon and alloy steels
  • Cost effective: contains no tungsten, molybdenum or nickel
  • High resistance to abrasion and galling


SHS9500U features a unique uniform glass-forming melt chemistry that allows high undercooling to be achieved during welding. This results in considerable refinement of the crystalline microstructure down to a near nanoscale (400 nm length scale) range.


Minimal Cracking Thermal expansion (CTE) matches engineering grade steels over a wide temperature range. When applied to plain carbon and alloy steels, SHS9500U can be welded without significant preheat (i.e. 600°F) and produce an as-welded bead with minimal cracking.  The crack-free properties make SHS9500U ideal for downhole applications.


Wear Resistance In ASTM G65-04 dry sand/rubber wheel abrasion tests, SHS9500U provides maximum wear resistance of typical mass loss of 0.22 g which results in high abrasion and galling resistance, especially in applications where metal-to-metal friction is likely.