Cobalt & Nickel Hardfacing Alloys


Our range of atomized cobalt- and nickel-base powders includes specific alloy compositions and sieve cuts for use with PTA, laser cladding, HVOF and flame spraying techniques.

Cobalt Hardfacing Wire

Our wide range of cobalt-base metal-cored wires is suitable for both automatic and semi-automatic applications. The standard alloys are used for MIG/metal-cored and solid welding whilst specially modified versions can be used for open arc welding.

Bare Cast Rod

Our continuous-cast rods are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths for the oxyfuel and GTAW process. Both industry standard and customized compositions can be produced to meet your specific requirements.


Weartech’s hardfacing electrodes deposit quickly, with excellent weldability and slag removal, producing smooth, sound coatings.